Slot Overview: Fierce Pigs

If you spend your days examining online slots, you start to recognize patterns in the games and see something fresh as a mental bolt of lightning. So it was when Games Global’s co-publisher, Pear Fiction Studios, popped up on the dashboard with their game, Blazing Piranhas. Considering that one of the most recent ones we tested was the truly odd LinkNWin slot Granny vs. Zombies, we should probably get accustomed to being startled by what this studio produces. Blazing Piranhas, like G vs. Z, deals with an out-of-the-ordinary topic, and the two games have a number of other similarities, including some gameplay and a visually comparable presentation.

The design is intentionally comical to lessen the shock value of four teenagers being attacked by a school of piranhas. Blazing Piranhas is set at a river or lake on a bright and sunny day that would be pleasant if the fish weren’t so hostile. Maybe this is the start of a franchise that has, shall we say, strange pairings of good guys and evil guys, since the visuals and layout have a definite Granny vs. Zombies vibe to them, creamy and rich in color. In Blazing Piranhas, this means coming into contact with a school of fish notorious for their lightning-fast predation rates.

Blazing Piranhas contains many RTP models, the highest of which has a theoretical value of 96.01%, making it statistically similar to the game that came before it. Blazing Piranhas is an extremely risky slot machine with a success rate of little over 1 in 4 over a gameplay panel that contains 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 fixed paylines. Anywhere from 10 pence to £/€50 may be wagered every game round, and four different bonus buys are available. From the far leftmost reel, you may form winning combos of three or more OAK anywhere along the active payline. The lower value pay symbols represent the four protagonists of the narrative, while the higher value symbols are the blue, green, orange, and purple piranhas.

Slot Machine Featuring Flaming Piranhas

Blazing Piranhas offers a slew of features that may assist make up for the fact that the piranhas may have already eaten at some of the standard victory values.

Piranha Panic

If a character icon lands to the left of a Piranha Wild, the Wild will shift to the leftmost position on the reel. When it happens, a standard wild symbol will replace it. All ordinary pay symbols are replaced with wilds, which are then taken out of play for the next spin. It is possible to land many Piranha Wilds simultaneously.


When you land six coins, the LockNWin feature is activated and you get three more spins. All save the coin that triggered the effect disappears from the board. When new coins fall into the playing field, the re-spin counter begins at 1. When the number of respins reaches zero or the reels are full with coins, the round finishes. The Mega Jackpot is won if all reels are activated and filled. Potentially falling coins include:

Normal Coins pay out at a rate of 1x–12x the initial wager.

The Multiplier Coin may increase the value of any other coin in play, save the Star Coin, by a factor of up to 5.

Key Coin – Pays out 1-12 times the wager and reveals an extra row.

When the standard LockNWin round ends, the Star Coin activates the Jackpot LockNWin round.

Winning the Jackpot Is a Lock and Win

When triggered, a grid is populated by coin symbols. Micro, Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega Jackpots are rewarded for landing three coins in a succession, with payouts of 15, 25, 100, 500, and 5,000 times the wager, respectively.

Bonus Turns

The free spins bonus round is triggered by collecting three or more scatter icons during the main game. Optional Playing Choices for Players

Free games with 6, 5, 4, or 3 wilds are triggered by 3 scatters for a total of 5, 7, 10, or 12 spins.

Free games with 6, 5, 4, or 3 wilds are triggered after 4, 3, or 2 scatters, respectively.

Five scatters will activate 15, 21, 30, or 36 cost-free spins, with 6, 5, 4, or 3 wilds, respectively.

During the bonus round, the number of wilds chosen is shown on the reels at random. When this happens, you get the same number of free games as you choose at the beginning.

The Prize Spinner

When the jackpot bar is completely filled, the wheel spins and awards the jackpot. One of those jackpots will be won every time the Jackpot Wheel spins. Changing the stake level results in the progress bar being saved individually for each bet level.

Purchase Option

There are four options available inside the bonus buy interface. You can choose between the Jackpot LockNWin, which awards 31.7x your wager, the LockNWin, which awards 30.93x your wager, free spins, which award 52.05x your wager, or a spin of the Jackpot Wheel, which awards 31.25x your wager.

Indictment of the Flaming Piranhas Slot

If you like the last comical horror slot that Pear Fiction Studios developed, chances are you’ll enjoy this one as well. However, the game’s bright visual style mitigates the tension, making it feel more like Sharknado than Jaws. A lot of the same mechanics from Granny vs. Zombies may be found in Blazing Piranhas, if not identically so at least conceptually.

And there are quite a few of them, so the main game may serve as a springboard to several different types of extra features. It was fine as a starting point for a game. There are Piranha Wilds that can help you out on occasion, and the game’s overall comedic tone makes excellent use of the fish vs. humans theme. According to the review, the game’s core content won’t surprise players with any huge surprises on its own. It’s possible I’m wrong, but for those who are interested by the piranha concept, the fact that Pear Fiction Studios included seemingly everything but the kitchen sink is excellent news. You won’t have any trouble finding most of these elsewhere, as they are standard fare, but they are executed well and gathered here. Blazing Piranhas conveyed the idea that it would be difficult to put together spectacular wins outside of the 5,000x Mega Jackpot. An impressionable mentality that welcomes correction.

Whether or not players succeed in their goal, they’re sure to have a good time trying to get there in Blazing Piranha. Perhaps not as much as Granny vs. Zombies, though, and that should be made clear given that the game’s subject, though still novel, isn’t nearly as out there, nor is the game’s feature list as novel or as overpowering.

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